Portable Power Station is a safe, portable, stable, and environmentally friendly small-scale energy storage system that uses built-in high-energy density lithium-ion batteries to provide stable AC and DC power output. It can be seen as a “large outdoor power bank” with a capacity typically ranging from 0.2-2kWh and a larger output power of 100-2200W. It is equipped with various interfaces such as AC, DC, Type-C, USB, and PD, making it compatible with mainstream electronic devices in the market. It is suitable for outdoor lighting, emergency lighting, mobile stalls, and operations in mountainous and forested areas. It can be used to charge mobile phones, LED lighting, aerial photography, AC and DC fans, and other AC and DC devices. It features integrated control circuits, inverter circuits, and lithium batteries, making it easy to carry and use.

The advantages of portable energy storage products include: higher capacity, richer interfaces, portability, support for charging multiple digital devices simultaneously, support for multiple charging methods, shorter charging time, and longer battery life.

Portable energy storage products can be divided into two categories based on their capacity: one category is small and lightweight devices with a capacity of 0.5-1kWh, and the other category is devices with a capacity of 1.5-2kWh, which can mainly replace the market for fuel generators.

In addition to pre-charging, portable energy storage can also be used with solar panels. The power output of a single solar panel ranges from 60W to 200W, allowing for outdoor photovoltaic charging when the battery is depleted. This forms a small solar power generation system, enabling continuous off-grid power generation and extending the power supply’s endurance.

In conclusion, many brands have already achieved the integration of home energy storage and portable energy storage solutions. For example, Lenercom, a safety-focused energy storage brand mentioned earlier, fully satisfies users’ energy storage needs.

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