The Kingway Benefits

Power up Anytime, Anywhere!

Solar Panels

With three years of R&D and manufacturing experience, we provide both Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer(ODM) services to meet our customer’s unique needs.

Hydropower Plants

Kingway is the gold pro supplier on Alibaba, and we are aiming to serve global distributors and clients with qualified and innovative products.

The Value of KingWay

Better energy,Better world!

Power all your devices wherever you are. Used widely for Camping trips, outdoor events, emergencies, and off-grid living.

  • Continuous innovation and progress are the most significant driving force for our advancement.

  • Customer-first is the most important philosophy and creed of our company.

Engage Now!

We work hard every day to deliver value to our partners and customers.

Welcome all distributors to join us, it will be a pleasure to provide qualified products and fast delivery.

The Benefits

  • Customzied solutions are available.

  • Quick response is our everday work.

  • Reasonable price would be important.

  • Global fast delivery, any time, any place.

  • High quality standard
  • Strict QC system is our core competence.

Products Gallery

Our portable power stations are versatile and reliable for various applications, such as outdoor activities, emergency power backup,off-grid living, remote work, events, and entertainment.

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